Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More happy moments...

"So long as the thumb is in the right place mittens can fit on either hand."
"There's nothing to lose and nothing to gain either!"

To God...up above...

I'm at my happiest now...
I am truly grateful...

To you out there... :-)

I love you...thanks ha!!!

You're such a good person!

I'll work on my papers na...I want to fly to Japan before the year ends.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Soon to be a new member of the house...

Meet Chibi...

This is an advance gift to the debutant...a shitzu...of princess line.

And after this would be a Labrador Retriever...
Hopefully...whelping time would be next month.

The wacky duo...mother & dau team!

That hat she was wearing cost P99.99 sa dollar store, she was begging na ibili ko sya dhil gustong gusto nya un. Ay hindi ko binili...ngaun nagsisisi ako. Kasi nakakita kami worth a little less than P1thou. Sabi ko cge promise babalikan natin ung isa. She's turning 18 next August. Dalaga na ang baby ko. Request nya iblog ko naman daw sya. I do away sana posting pictures sa blog ko. But being a mother, un ang request ng anak ko so...may magagawa pa ba ako? Eh mahal ko yan.

Two Sundays na kaming nagsswimming. Kahit malamig lamig na. Last Sunday was meant for my sis-n-law's bday. Nkakatampo kasi d sya dumating. Pero forgiven ko na sya. Anyway,
that was a happy Sunday with the rest of the gang...we went ahead of the slugs, kasi naman wala pa akong katulog tulog so we stayed na lang sa van waiting...I dosed off...when all of a sudden I heard dau was taking pictures pala of me while I was in deep slumber. D ko pwedeng ipost ung ibang we deciced to make a little roughhousing...hindi sya mananalo sa akin...ang sarap...ang saya naming 2...we do away with stress...we really are spending quality time together...sigh...nakakamiss ung 1 tao jan...malapit na kasi ang school opening so we're enjoying na lang the vacation. Everybody will be busy na...galit galit uli. Busy-busyhan na naman ang lahat. And time for me to work on my papers na to apply for a walang kokontra. :-)

Monday, May 28, 2007

Let me say...

My Lord Jesus...thank you very much for all the blessings that you're giving me and my family...and with this, I pray:

Lord, I know that you always hear my weepings and my prayers,
So I humbly ask to please keep me right,
remind me to go straight...
and always guard and keep me away from evil..amen!

Exhausted, sluggish and droopy now...

I am so exhaustedly sleepy now...I just got 6 hours of sleep with some tossing and turning yet I woke up very early at 4am to prepare for my husband's pack lunch. He prefers to eat foods that I cook at home, and it's health-wise I believe. I got to sleep now...2 days ng bitin ang tulog ko. I will post more when I get back after recharging my energy. Well...

Something bad...something good...happened!

I don't know how to call it, but somehow God always has something to let you feel that you are loved...that you are forgiven, that you need to vow only for good, that you need to strengthen your courage, not only for you, but for everybody as well.

And sometimes as human being, we are liable for some mistakes that we have done or capable of doing so, but He won't allow us to dwell on that. Yes, everybody do learn a lot instead...and in the process we see things not only on worms eye view but we are able to see things in its perspective.

With what we learned in life we will be able to shield ourselves when the same things happen again.

Go for only what is right and what is good...!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Freedom from chain....

It's as if my legs were shackled...afraid and couldn't move...
Now God has freed me from that chain...

This song just came into my mind...
And I sing...

If you could hear me now
Singing somewhere to the lonely night
Dreaming of the arms that held me tight,
If you could only see me now.

But I've been too long in the wind,
Too long in the rain,
Taking any comfort that I can
Looking back
And longing for the freedom of my chains,
Lying in your loving arms again.

Here I am....

Yes I'm still here...alive and hasn't sleep yet even a single m-i-n-u-t-e....that's true...

I blogged 'til the wee hours in the morning, imagine I posted my last blog nearly at 4am. When I closed the door and just begun touching my back on my bed, my husband came knocking. He was kinda angry when he learned that I hadn't sleep yet...ui, concerned daw oh?!! Ang aga namang sermon ni father. Anyway, kasi usapan namin na mgswimming ulit. The whole family. At sya ulit ang taya. Dapat lang di ba? By the way, baka may point din kaya I'm losing weight ay dahil sa pagba-blogging ko? It keeps me awake...naku eh di para pala akong nagsa-S? Oh no!!! Anyway I'm glad at 34 na lang ang waist your heart out Maki!!! ***laughs***

We had coffee first, then we went to market just a hop and jump distance. We bought meat, fruits, any food that will last for the days treat. Nobody was awake except me and my husband so, he went to church alone...while me prepared all and everything. It's done already and I didn't have any hands helping me out dahil lahat ay tulog pa. Wheew...I'm a one-man army...and everybody is asking who prepared everything...nambola pa mga ito...

Everybody is busy preparing their stuff and all. I'm ready too. We're just waiting for their papa and out we'll go!!!

Sometimes I do wonder how the hell did I let myself missed everything? I hibernated for a long period of time...didn't go out and didn't enjoy much life outside.

Now I won't let it happen again this time. From now on...I won't let stress and problems get the better of me. I'll enjoy every minute of my life with my family. I guess...this is it! Starting a new phase of my life na wala akong iintindihing problema, kundi ang sarili ko at ang aking pamilya.

My nuclear family...the source of my strength and my driving force.


I notice my right thumb and my index finger...maraming cuts from knife...small lang naman. I don't know where I'm getting my energy...marami ata akong naka-reserve. Wala pa akong tulog eh. D naman ako addicted. Addicted to love?

Everything is ready ibang resort naman kami ngaun.

Will check my post if there's grammatical error...later. I am in a hurry to post a blog. Ok? Will log off now....I said now.........

Still browsing...

Yes I'm still here...enjoying every minute. It's 4:09am and I'm wide awake pa while everybody is snoring now...

*Pause to browse...*

It's time to bed whether I like it or afraid of having dark circles around my eyes. It's already 4:11 in the morning!!!

I'll keep you updated in the morning...rather....a little later...just give me time to relax...

Bye...bye! Zzzzzzzzz...........

I'm still wide awake...and, it's 2:26 already!

I just can't sleep...I want to blog...period! I'm enhancing my webpage the way I want it to look. I am so engrossed on this really consumes most of my time and everybody is wondering why I'm so glued blogging all day. It is a different experience for me, and I quite like it obviously. I wonder how much our bill would soar?! We will see. Then if it zooms up...I will set a limit. With 2 refs, 2 television sets, and an air-con running while blogging I'm afraid...

My insomnia is attacking me again. Parang hindi ako dinadalaw ng antok. Well, am making use of that privilege. I'm having my angina pa. Well...

I want to thank Matt Anfuso for taking time to email me, and share some insights and teaching me some stretching routines which I find more helpful specially on my hamstrings. Thank you, thank you, Matt! Don't worry I will follow all instructions gingerly!!!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Good about free entertainment...

My favorite local show-band is right now showing their expertise. Belting some swing beats of the '80s. A good breather from working all day. Some nice music that somehow can diddled away worries and stresses.

I love music...
I love sushi...
Some shots of Tequila, love to read Men are from Mars...
And I like to call for a toast!!! Kampai!!!

Finally, my friend gave the mitten and she's the hook!

I received some text msgs while I was blogging and slurping my coffee, earlier this morning. Mixed emo...happy to know that it has ended after 4 years...and at the same time a bit sad 'coz I knew how much she has loved the guy, I don't know why. But yes...that's great coz it's finally over with my friend and her...I don't know how would I call him, but anyway...there's a lot to celebrate. Everything now is all water under the bridge. I don't think it's a waste of time but at least she has learned something from that relationship. It was doomed right from the off I told her...but she never did listen. And she swore to me that she's now ready to take command of the situation. I know that it will all soon pass out of her mind...everything will be forgotten, I said. She's now turning into music, that's taking her mind off her past troubles. And I'm very happy she finally gave the mitten. I know that she's quite hurting...probably not to move on but to adjust now with the present situation...excruciating I guess...but in time she'll be ok.

She sometimes realized that there's no way her marriage could be turned around. Yet, again the only answer seemed to be in waiting for fate to intervene. She's older now and am sure more au fait with the ways of men...surely she'll learn now. She's old enough to winnow truth from lies, to know what's good and not. I hope too, that now she'll strain her mind and grope back into the depths of her memory and soon she'd ask what good it could do to remember? I feel sorry that I have a special knack for picking the very worst thing to ask at the very worst moment. I know she's still hurting but knowing how resilient she is...she'll bounce back in time.

Pardon me if I veer on adult talk...let's go PG now! OK, for many non-orgasmic women there is a desperate search for the key to unlock the doorway to sexual fulfillment, but definitely not my friend...coz she is not of that kind. More than physical love, she craves for spiritual bond---a soul to soul relationship and the meeting of the minds...of the same wavelength. So then love was developed...according to her, the guy wooed her or I should say for what?! She is a woman who has dared to cut off from her sexual life, yes she is married but her marriage was in disarray when she met the guy. She then allowed herself to celibate just to be faithful to the man she has learned to love. The man who made a promise to protect her, the man who said he'd never leave her...that he would stay forever...sigh

And for you my friend, here's my take...there's no time to sit around pondering the impossibilities of your situation. You need to find answers to save your own life.
The most I think is that you now keep your head above the water. don't have to keep a stiff upper lip for me...coz there's no virtue in false friend! Good luck...

Excessive daytime lack of sleep instead...

Got droopy eyes now...I need rest I think, been up at 4am so that makes me exhausted and dog-tired again...yes I hate to procrastinate but...zzzzzzzzzzz

My favorite pict again...*laughs*

Friday, May 25, 2007

Hot, hot news!

Japanese women are going agog on brand-resale, like LV, Chanel, Fendi, Gucci, D&G, Prada, Brahmin, Ferragamo, Christian Dior, YSL, Versace and other expensive signature items. From bags to make up, sunglasses and a lot more! Prices ranges from Y80,000 and up...get yourself a calcu.

China is in hot water for their Disneyland knock off...a poor imitation. But apparently, they are still denying the allegations! Let the children be the judges...they quite know a lot about Disneyland, and the characters in detail.

Poor Madeleine McCann is still missing after her abduction. Let us pray for her safe return...poor mother....she is in glum I'm sure and my heart bleeds for her, 'coz I am a mother too. Also the father ...

Bye...bye...I'm sleepy already. I need to sack out!

I'm going haywire...!

I just got a reservation for a venue a little while ago. When my dau disagreed about the date. I followed her desire coz she's the one to celebrate but someone made another disagreement to my annoyance...joke! Nakakaloka sila...always having disagreement on trivial matters. I freaked out when I learned how much the gown would costs! MG, hold your breath....P15,000.00 daw...nahilo ako bigla. Grabe hindi naman wedding gown ang pinaggawa ko. I dare my dau na instead of having a party why not a trip to Hongkong or maybe we can go to Japan. As usual talo na naman ako. Kasi gusto nya pareho. Ang galing naman...parang going to Quiapo lang ang dating. Basta after her birthday I want to fly na and enjoy and eat natto, melon, and sushi!

By the way, have you heard about the Japanese NATTO? It is a fermented soybeans that is popular among the people who live in the eastern part of Japan. The beans are mixed with the Bacterium Bacillus subtilis natto, usually served, stirred with rice. It is a traditional Japanese food. It became popular when learned to prevent and cure cancer, osteoporosis, heart attacks, strokes, anti-aging, obesity and senility to name a few.
Also, have you heard about a mango that is worth a little less than Y10,000 or its equivalent...less than P4,000.00 each?!!! And red mango?!

Only in Japan!!!

To you my dearest!

I miss you a lot...just do take care!!!
I know you wanted a GR...but I'll give you a Labrador instead, and I'll have to save for it first! Very expensive kasi. I love you...can't wait to see you!



I just want to sleep right now....I can't blog...I want to have a decent sleep just right now! I'm not asking too much though! When I get back I promise to post a lot.

It is good to stay positive but sometimes bad things just overwhelms me and my spirit...will sleep it all away na lang. Ok! And I promise my courage will surge back again with vengeance!!!

By the way, in the picture is JEFF BUCKLEY who sang Forget his album GRACE.
Go check it out! You'll enjoy his style!!! He is 1 of my fave aside from Babyface...BonJovi...McKnight...and others.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Putting things into perspective...

I think I overlooked my own self for sometimes now. I always think of others wherein I should come first...dear me! And due to some undescisiveness on my part, I blame myself for procrastinating most of the time. One thing is wrong with me, when I love a person...I mean it to a T. And I don't know if I'll ever get over losing a friend but...I must! I think I won't be lost forever....!!!

Here's a frakking great song I wanted to hear again and!
I'll give you some lines, coz I'll be busy the kitchen preparing dinner.

(Jeff Buckley)

While this town is busy sleeping
All the noise has died away
I walk the streets to stop my weeping
But she'll never change her ways,
Don't fool yourself, she was a heartache
From the moment that you met her
And my heart is so still
As I try to find the will
To forget her somehow,
I think I've forgotten her now

What a good song but the meaning is not so good, about forgetting a friend.
But being a music buff I love it...great!

The reason why I felt grumpy the past few days...

I'm off with my dilemma now. Because of Tonton...he was so sick...mechanically speaking. Tonton is our blue Mazda Power van. I went through a lot, just to make him better again. He's now in good running condition, thanks a lot!

That red hose in the pict is the hi-tension wire that costs a whopping P4300.00. MG, the price is really amazing...d kaya P430.00 lang at ngkamali lang?! :))
Anyway, the rear left gasket naman costs more than P2,000.00, wow grabe noh?! Kaya I am thinking na pagpunta ko ng Japan this year, hahanapin ko talaga ang Mazda center don. Un ay kung meron man. But I doubt. Because the Japanese just junk their cars at walang repair repair don. After 3 years you have to change your car whether you like it or not, kung hindi, huli ka. Pollution-free pati don....they are after their health and fight against the contributing factors on global warming.

So, let us help fight global warming and save the earth and our future generation.

PS/ A little while ago, I saw someone kindled some pieces of woods and some garbage outside but afar from where I lived. I was way too was burning na. Guess what's on top of the garbage? A fluorescent bulb...oh my...imagine that...sometimes carelessness or unmindful of segregating the garbages put our lives on the line. Or is it the ignorance that matters?! Government should take some steps reeducating or teaching man lang the people or just giving some points of awareness on global warming.

Paging...aren't you a bit concerned, much more afraid of how it would be on the next few decades?

I feel sad being an aggravator too...!

Honestly I would say I am also an aggravator, in terms of driving...and I also feel sad that I have, too. What I can at least do to help protect the ozone and stop creating global warming pollution are the ff:

-will drive less, I can commute naman, or
-try cracking windows instead of using the air-con, fresh air is good
-will avoid idling, just turn off the engine instead
-will keep my engine tuned properly
-will keep my wheels properly inflated becoz low-tire pressure wastes gas
-will go for carpooling or combined trips when possible

I wish I can do that and always keep in mind that the carbon dioxide we emit by burning fossil fuels and other home-energy leads to global warming which is destroying earth's biodiversity and eco-systems.

And that carbon dioxide can stay in the atmosphere for several decades.
Can you imagine how it will harm us and the next generation to follow?!!!
Aren't you an aggravator too?

Let us be an alarmist instead...!!!

Planting trees will help us combat global warming that is giving us extreme weathers. Let us be enlightened with how to protect the earth and our atmosphere from great and possible doom and terrible fate in the future.

Let's save our planet...and stop global warming...
Plant a tree!

How to pinch pennies...

I don't know why, but I have this habit of not spending my loose change. In my room I have a drawer where I put all my coins. I never spend them....I just save and keep them....maybe for future use. I hate to keep a coin bank though.

For me being frugal helps you survive in this day and age. I don't mind not keeping up with the Joneses, I just want to be as simple as I am. I go for cheaper dresses but nice fitting tho. Sometimes I would prepare having a hands-me-down than spending hundred of pesos in just one expensive branded garments. Although I honestly say na sometimes I would buy something expensive say like Havaianas flip-flops that costs a little less than P1,700.00...just for a pair of heeled rubber slippers?! It's a great find though...very durable and nice fitting. Being with scolio, I just couldn't stand the pain using heeled slippers or sandals, but with this brand, I use it with much ease and comfort. What I stress is, I spend a lot if it is necessary, and I try to pinch pennies when it is much needed.

There's nothing wrong if you'll try pennypinching...
You can save for the future without much effort.
You can start right now...!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Yummy spaghetti and the sweetest melon in Japan...

Try this spaghetti with clams or tulya...and pechay...!
A nice treat for everybody. So yummy, actually this recipe is from Japan.

Do you know that previously in Japan they sold the sweetest melon ever. Care to know how much? Brace yourself first! :)) It was sold at a whopping price of P390,000.00, yes I'm serious. And there was just two melons available and they were able to sell them in a jiff. Yes, in a jiffy...sigh...ang mga nihon talaga, oo, kakaiba ang lifestyle. :-))

Believe it, 'coz it's true!

How would Greensburg emerge right after that holocaust?!

I couldn't help but be in great glum after a mega-twister, an F-5 tornado...completely changed and wiped out Greensburg in an instance. OMG, the world is really heating up. Scientist predict that such phenomenon and other serious problems will gonna increase in the coming years if emissions of heat-trapping gases are not brought under much control.
With so much pomposity, carelessness, arrogance and the I-don't-give-a-damn attitude, see what we can get...glaciers are melting, thinning of ice sheets because of the warming effect on Antarctica, can you imagine that perma-frost thawing? Whoah...these are quite alarming to the growing risk of great flooding.
Trees are wilting and leafing and animals specially one like penguins that lives in cold habitat are declining enormously...
Coral reefs are losing it's nourishment...then what will we expect to fishes and the likes living in the ocean?
Can we be a bit alarmed and show much concern to help on how to combat global warming?!

This one is really a great deal of problem...(sigh)!

In my sanctuary, my comfort zone...where I feel safe!

A nice morning indeed! I'm up and about early and have prepared a good brekker for the whole gang here. Table is ready for those who'd feel famished after a short hiatus. With a cool space and the nice lavender scent emitting from my aroma-oil burner, and with a make-out song of my all time favorite, the ever cutie BABYFACE, how could I go wrong...much more brood? ... "It feels like springtime in feels like heaven..." This is the best make-out song for me...and with BOZS2MEN's hit..."I wanna make love to you"...All I want to do is just close my eyes...and do reminisce...ahh..ahh, not nice though! But, oh dear me!

I love Dianne Reeves' Better Days..."what she told would mold me...and holds me..."
"you cant get to better days unless you make it through the night"..."you gotta be patient..."

I go for Evanescence also...with great looks though a bit chubby. Amy Lee is such a great performer...I like her style. "This pain is just too real...", "I tried to tell myself that you're gone..." Ohhh...dawg! I hate to be so cheesy.

Music is great!!! My mind can travel through a lot of dimension...
I love listening to great music...

This one also is great...from my fave, the famous group from Davao, the FREESTYLE.

I can still remember yesterday
We were so in love in a special
And knowing that you loved me
Made me feel oh so right But now I feel lost,
Don't know what to do...
Each and everyday I think of you
Holding back the tears
I'm trying with all my might.
Because you've gone
And left me standing all alone
And I know I've got to face tomorrow
On my own...but baby...
Before I let you go
I want to say I love you
I hope that you're list'ning
Coz it's true baby...
You'll be forever in my heart
And I know that no one else will do, yeah
So before I let you go
I want to say it----I love you

I wish that it could be just like before
I know I could've given you much more...
Even though you know
I'd given you all my love
I miss your smile
I miss your kiss
Each and everyday I reminisce
Coz baby it's you
That I'm always dreaming of...
Letting love go is never easy...
But I love you so,
That's why I set you free...
And I know someday, somehow
I'll find a way
Guess it wasn't meant to be
But baby...
So before I let you go
I want to say----it

Great lyrics isn't it?
Don't be so won't help you....!!! :-))

Monday, May 21, 2007

Hey! Yes, it's you!

Yes it's you...and I mean yooouuu...
I miss you so much...
And I love you..

Blessings, and Big Hugs!!!

Finding a lot of alternatives to cure pain....

I was on the verge of giving up...but still I hope to find cure to put off back pains and be more limber. I have tried almost everything, and spent thousands of pesos on medicines, nostrums & rehabilitations, but of no vain. I have plans to even try spinal manipulation through chiropractic treatment but I'm afraid it might hurt and injure me even more. I am lucky though I found AMEGA Bio-Magnetic Therapeutic Titanium Bracelet. Through a friend's suggestion, tho at first I was a bit skeptical and was even less than enthusiastic. I then switched on purchasing one. I am now using it everyday...quite a revolution in the therapy for pains, muscles and posture problems. It costs US$145...and so far it helps me amazingly...pain is reduced. I can now walk and sit longer without limping. :-) Believe it or not....


I am literally happy...

I have learned how to live each day. And for me every single day is a blessing. And by God's grace I can truly say I AM HAPPY...

Living in this world one can always be sure to meet challenges, trials, and it boils to one thing, we should be armed with a lot of faith, sensible and firm decision how we'll purposely go about every challenges or life's trials. It's but unavoidable to slide sometimes, due to unearthly desires...obvious materialistic impulses, love of money, power, fame or rankings and anything that human beings would crave for, a stereotypical thinking of every eager-beaver. I am sure these are but only temporary. What is important is to have innate peace...and that's great! Having a good night sleep without any worries is something to achieve.

I want to live in a very simple way of life, with a great deal of privacy.

And so, contentment for me, is happiness...
And to be happy is blissful!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

How do some people become so "affectless"?

I hope these newly-elected government officials will be far more different from all those who had neglected or shall we say had used their power to gain much for their own advantage. I feel sorry for our fellow Filipino seen on tv news reports, epitomizing poverty and lack of educational upliftment. Officials of the land should be more compassionate to look over some alternatives that will upraise the quality of our education and the source of income of every Filipino suffering from great poverty that compromises with crimeful offenses. There can be no forgiveness for those officials who 's getting richer by corrupting the government, who really is cutting corners just to have what he desires.
Officials of the land, most commonly the duly-elected one should be very honest, who will love the country by doing good deeds and ready to help his countrymen in every way he can. They should not be greedy and selfish to share his knowledge and intelligence and offer his dedication to his work not based on his self-interest and motives.
I hope to see our country with good governance.
Let's pray for that!!!

Affection or just merely an affectation...

I have a friend of mine who got linked to a in love and after some years she went to me crying saying she had wished she had not known the guy or had not fall for his charm. She swore to high heaven that she fell in love and she had loved the guy so much. But the thing went dull and monotonous after some blissful and clandestine meetings. The guy had promised her that he'd protect and love her. That the special-friendship would always stay and he vowed also that he really cared for my friend. But these are just words...nothing but just air.They come and go then disappear.Unless he pursues you seriously, that's another story. It could be wiser if she decided not to give him a chance. But however, who wouldn't be thrilled? Yes my friend is married but has been going through a lot of trials and mending until she met this guy. He then became the apple of her eyes.The fact, that the guy remains single, I told my friend not to let herself be duped or else she'd cry in the end. I told her so many times before what really might be the intention, or what was his reason why he wooed her...simple lang, and your guess is as good as mine. I was also a bit afraid that she might go heavily "in the red". And friend is in the process of healing her heart. And I'm pretty sure that she's now on the right track. And I'm glad also that she's done what is best for her. I know that someday things will be smooth again and I have yet to see her wearing her sweetest smile again and be completely out of that plaintive mood she's now going through the past few days... oks lang yan, bestfriend!

Don't worry my friend, I am here for you...till the end...I now at least have proven that all was just merely an affectation...and not what you thought it was! He's not at all the sweetest dog. Soooo....don't you ever try to be sentimental again!?

There's more to life that is more enjoyable than to let yourself be duped and sulked.

Enjoy life, and Keep the faith!!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

The unwilling teetotaler...

When we were in the resort last Monday, I was a bit dismayed to see a bottle of wine hidden just beneath the table in the cottage. It looked so familiar to me. The white wine flavored Lambanog with 80 proof of alcohol strong I believe. My husband for some time, after that bad incident happened when he went home heavily-drunk, has been a teetotaler for almost a year and a half now. This was one reason why we'd always end up having some serious misunderstanding. I hate drinking spree. No drinking at home please or else I'll be freaking out. When I saw the bottle of wine I looked at him and he got my message clearly. It's a good thing that no ice was available in the will always be men! They really don't know how to listen!

Of love lost and healing broken heart...

Whenever one falls out of love, one sure-fire to get over is healing the broken-heart. Yes...healing and not sulking, or brooding. What to do now, is...let's say you rekindle your old friendship that has been kept for a while or let say you've neglected in favor of him. Am sure they're still there for you. And talking about true friendship, one that will endure, no matter what, or come what may season.They'll just stay there and will always be there for you during your trying days.Be them to be with you for dinner or just get together for a coffee-talk, or maybe spending a day or two on the beach. Or maybe not the least, you can parlay your sadness into a more productive things like, making a collage...making a scrapbook, or rearranging your can also paint..whatever you wish can help you make a quick maneuver.
After a while things will change and you will soon find the best reason why things like this happened...and to all we've been and all it becomes. We should see things more be able to move on. Cause really, life has to move on no matter what and how we feel...

As Dolly Ann once said and I quote..."We have to get order to find ourselves!"

My awful back pain...

With scoliosis, it means eternal sciatic and back pain. Yes, eternal I mean...and it holds true in my experience. It's quite hard for me to be kept standing or sitting for a long period of time. Pain is radiating down my left leg and it numbs my pelvic area. Having this awful back pain is really a hindrance to my interest. We used to go jogging, biking, playing badminton and also wall-tennis...whoah I missed those things. And this pain is the aggravator.

Thanks Mike and Gerhard, for giving me some good pointers and exercises to help me manage those pain. They told me to avoid things that'll only exacerbate my current medical condition. Some of the exercises that really help is the squats done in a Smith Machine, the controlled tract-like system in the gym.

I have to sign out first, will be doing something very important.
So long........

My friend wants to get over him...

She was crying to me...and I told her not to feel that way. Life is a blessing and we have to enjoy it while we're still here. It is hard to forget I told her. But it can be done only if she will just look for the flaws, or the negative things about him. Try to be more open meeting other people and in the process...slowly, she'll feel out of love...getting done and over with.

I have yet to see her wearing a vibrant smile again...soon...

Women's world...

Every women has her beauty secrets to tell. Everybody wants to feel young and look pretty. I have yet to find a girl without a mirror in her bag...without a comb, without a lip gloss, or a lipstick either. Hahaha! I remember my professor in college sharing this beauty secret on how to get rid of whiteheads and blackheads alike. Using cotton, spread thinly...dampen it with raw egg whites and put it on the face but avoid the eyes and the nostrils, wait for several hours until it hardened like a can actually sleep with it. When it's done you can rip it. And you'll see those unwanted dirt on the mask itself. Until now I'm still doing it and I shared it with my nieces, now it's a routine na...they do it when they feel they have to.
One thing with shaving, it really gives you those argh...very painful using the tweezers, and also one using a is with honey,but the most common type is with the razor that can surely irritate the skin. Sigh...ang hirap magpaganda...magastos na masakit pa. Lucky are those who was born beautiful without even trying to be one. She's just beautiful. But what's important is the innate beauty. One that can't be seen nor touched. It can only be felt. The character and the behavior of one person is what matters. One can feel beautiful if she wants to...what you feel and do will make you beautiful inside out. Maganda ka nga but your a'll be a negative factor and won't help you either.
Me, I don't go for looks. What matter to me most is the gray just above the shoulder. I go for the intelligence of a person. It's a must for me to have a sensible mind. It's a good point if you can carry a conversation well with all that matters to everything. What good it could give you if you don't know how to communicate well? Good and sensible conversation for me is the building block of every human relationship. I go for intelligence and not for can always feel beautiful!

Thursday, May 17, 2007


I am booked to Boracay this September, a gift to myself. Using on-line ticketing. But whoah, I didn't get the chance of the big discount which is P2000 only for a round-trip fare, dear me...will pay P3000 plus instead...what a slowpoke! Nobody knows this...except one. Anyways, Boracay is really a place to enjoy and to unwind. Think, I need to buy a new Havaianas flip-flops, I got one with heels but I don't think it would be easy on sand. I need to buy some things to prepare on that day. Two hours earlier I should be there na, using Cebu-Pacific Airlines. I am excited already. I will bring my digital camera and ahh..ahh...ssshhh...

It's a yahooo!!!
I love beaches...not bitches huh!!! :))
It'll be a 3-day treat...for myself!
Yeeesss! after this would be Hongkong...and then off to Japan for my 6 months stay there, will seize the day!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Time out!!!

Esmyus mi...I will take some needed rest...will sleep muna...I am dog-tired!

Am I happy?!

As I wake up each morning, I'd ask myself...Am I happy?! Well in a way I am...super happy because my family is great...but in some ways too, I can say I am not. Sometimes we have to go through a lot...and there will be a lot of lesson to be learned. Though it can't be that bad.

I wish life was a slate...we could always delete and start all over again, and again...and again.

But on the second thought...Yes indeed I am truly happy...!!!

I'm piqued...

OMG, it's been a long day...really...the trip was a disaster. I won't elaborate na lang, I don't need to relive the ill-feelings I had during the trip back home. After all things done in San Sebastian Recoletos, we went to 168...the shopping haven of those who want to stretch their peso...and I said I also want to streeeeeeeeetch mine!!! It's a shopping spree for me and my dau. Great!!! There's a big difference talking about the prices, and the disparity will make you smile cause you'll save much. As we go along, me and my daughter sometimes is out of harmony...because she is a slowpoke!!! Anyway I have no reason to upset her and myself too...cause she's a deary. And I love her. But when we were going home something bad happened, again and my dismay. But anyways...I still feel we're so blest. Thank you, thank you! When I came home 2 aroma burner were out lavender scent...ang sarap ng feeling...soothing...relieves the stress and pagod...ang bago...and I dosed off.

On a hurry now...

After this post, I'll be in a hurry to prepare myself...will be going to San Sebastian Recoletos where my dau is enrolled for this coming school year. Yeeeessss! college na sya. :-))


A better place...

When we were in the resort last Monday, I was amused while mincing the lyrics of the song that goes..."heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race..." The lyrics is so simple yet it does carry a compassionate feelings toward hardships in life, like creeping socialism...creeping justice system...creeping aggression...and the imperceptible rising from poverty and ill-being. I have yet to see a good government officials that is honest and have good deeds and not corrupting the system. For me and I do believe that someday good deeds will dominate our system of governance to protect the welfare of the citizen.
Also, the environment should be taken cared of...planting enough trees to protect the soil, and the habitat as well...imperatively I may say so. Air should not be polluted if we only follow some good techniques on how to protect it. But what is important, is to implement law strictly and punish law-offenders to make a good governance setting a good example on how to become a better person or a good law-abiding citizen of the world.
There is still a lot of chance to make heal the the song relays. One good example is the country of Japan. I love and greatly admire their methods...their laws and how they run the they treat and protect their nature...everyone has his nationalistic command and effort to heal the world, perse. And I call it empowerment!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

One great treat for the whole family...

My husband treated us in one resort, something na seldom mangyari dahil I am not an outgoing type...I'd rather stay at home to do every chores, read, blog, and sleep. It's a nice feeling naman pla to go out and see the world outside. The place is hilly, the air is clean...and the people are so warm. We all enjoyed and somehow I was thankful kasi wala akong gastos...lahat sa kanya. Tama lang, lagi kasi akong taya. Maranasan ko naman ang maitreat. And it's great! I wanted to enjoy life sans stress, and other concerns. I want to veer away from the past...something na alam kong walang maitutulong sa buhay ko kundi ang maging unhappy and miserable. I want to enjoy every moments of my life now productively with the people I love and vice-versa. I now hate brooding...all I want is to be happy and look at life in different perspective. Life is very beautiful and let us not dwell on unhappy side of it. It's but natural that we have to meet a lot of struggles and trials...a lot of slip ups and the-not-so-good-experiences. I want the slate thing to be applied in my system. If it is not good, you can always clean the slate and do the next thing. I avoid now being too cheesy and doesn't help me though. Love begets new motto...if it doesn't apply I'll just probably drop is not my problem anymore. What I need is a happy life to make my life worthwhile living. I can only say that life is great!!!