Thursday, January 17, 2008

I love being a mom...

Pretty weather here today in Japan...'coz sun is up and not too cold now. Dati parang ang bagal ng takbo ng oras pero now it seems to be running so fast. Am still indesicive 'til now. Hindi ko masabi kung mageextend ako for another 3 months...I still don't know. But I do enjoy everything here...but being a mum is quite a big load. I think of everything at home where I left my children doing everything for them by themselves, without househelp except one who goes there every week to wash clothes. Their father is right now in Bataan. So they're left on their own. Good thing I do appreciate is that they have now time for each other and they do enjoy going to the mall now and they get a lot of bonding time and enjoy each others company. Last time they went to a movie theatre to watch...and it's kinda nice to hear. I do monitor everything there at home including Mishah and Enzo's health too. When Acey had his birthday I was shocked, dahil we made an agreement beforehand that they'd just eat outside, preferably sa Max's, or Kenny's para naman masaya. Ang nakakatuwa nagtipid ang mga bata. They just cooked spaghetti at home, bought cake and ice cream...voila...nakaraos at nakatipid pa raw sila. Ang nakakatuwa natutong magluto samantalang noong andoon ako, kulang subuan ko pa sila ng pagkain. :D
Ngayon wala ako sa bahay, they try to do things on their own...pati pagbabudget monthly. Most of the time it would annoyed them via YM dahil para akong sirang plaka, telling them ang door ilock Mishah baka hindi napapakain ng maayos, baka makalabas ng gate, ang tangke baka maiwan na bukas, etc...etc. Hay ang hirap maging nanay...but on the other hand, masaya and fulfilling lalo't napapalaki ko sila ng maayos at mga magalang. They are a treasure talaga. Kaya naman makakapuno na ako ng 2 big boxes para maipasalubong sa kanila. Isa lang ang request ni Acey, boxful of Kitkat, wala ng iba pa. Addict sa Kitkat talaga. :D

They are my happiness...

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