Saturday, January 12, 2008

Japan loves Bon Jovi...!

His arrival at the Shinkansen...

We were inside the big dome two hours earlier. Everybody went all agog when the concert started. We were all singing with Bon Jovi...clapping and dancing to the beat...It was really fun that night. Everybody seemed euphoric and smiling.

He sang 21 of his songs, half of it is included in his new album, LOST HIGHWAY. I just wish for his old songs and so he did. The audience were screaming loudly when he sang YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME, IT'S MY LIFE, BAD MEDICINE and others.

RICHIE SAMBORA also was so good singing THESE DAYS solo showing his prowess in guitar. I really admire the group rapport that until now they can do series of concert abroad. BON JOVI's voice hasn't change a bit, I can tell you. At napakagwapo...grabe! cameras and videos were allowed.

At napakaorganized ng pagpasok at paglabas ng audience. Japan style!


  1. wwwaaahhh I am jealous...I love Bon Jovi! Fave ko yung Thank you for loving me na song nila...

    *swoons* and fainted...

    ok I am back...he! he! Have a blessed weekend mommycool. Ingat ka lagi. :)

  2. hello mommy leonore,

    so sorry to hear about your scoliosis and i'm glad that your epidurial shot was helpful. i'm sure that your silver chair is helpful at times especially when walking seems to be unbearable. salamat sa teknolohiya =)

    how is the weather in japan? it must be freezing cold there.. it must also be a nice experience to see the snow falling and to witness the weather changing.

    certainly, i will visit your blog as often as i can.

    you take care always =)


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