Thursday, January 10, 2008

I do miss some friends...true friends indeed. In this time of's hard to find true friendship, really it is. I've had met a lot of people, still is and I can truly say that many amongst them are all too wrapped up in himself...egocentric and do not think the feelings or needs of others. I may have only but few...but it's okey, 'coz I value true friendship a lot than having a lot of ants in my pants.

You know who you are guys!!!
I love you and I do miss you a lot friends...will see you around when I get back home...soon...definitely Kat the bubbly girl is one..."ang fashionistang binge"...hehehe...Kat ikaw ang may sabi niyan ha! Will give you a call as soon as I get there!

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  1. yes. yes. call me. nakakarinig na uli ako by then.. ;) miss u too mommy! so glad talaga na we met pa before u left.. ang galing talaga! :) *mwah*


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