Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Gloomy...?! Of course not...

Got up a little bit late though I got an alarm clock, but the thing's...I quite didn't recognized the sounds. Iyon pala, ngayon ko lang naalala na I was dreaming...about my two relatives and a townmate. Whoah, what a dream. But it wasn't too bad either.
It's raining here, and it's cold...making me feel lazy...and sluggish I think.
I just received a call from Makki telling me while gasping between her breath, that a lola (obasang) who's immediately standing right in front of her in an escalator fell. She's so afraid that she saw the old woman got a nasty bang on the head. She thought it might killed the old lady 'coz she wasn't moving. Whoah, what a day...and what a sight. But anyway I told her to compose herself and pray na lang for the old lady. The ambulance arrived in time and so that's the story. And I hope too, that she'd be fine, Makki I mean and also the obasang of course.
Am having my breakfast now with me, hot coffee with creamer, boiled egg and thin wheat crackers with wheat germ, pang diet yata ito ah. Last night the sukiyaki was so great but I only had one bowl because I still got poor appetite. And last night Makki brought home some kinkan, it's a tiny kind of oranges. Ito talagang mga Japanese oo, lahat na lang yata ginagawang eksperimento. Parang bonsai na orange. Egg is 3x bigger than a kinkan. And you will eat it with the rind. Masarap siya.

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