Wednesday, January 30, 2008

When everything falls into place...

Been here for more than a month and I now realized how time flies. Many things happened so swiftly, good and bad. And to quote my dear friend Tack, "everything has a reason"...and this holds true indeed. Not really bad I supposed. It happened for some reasons I teach us lesson from every fall and struggles, to know what's best and what's good and what is better. These help us grow, and to achieve knowledge coupled with better wisdom and fair judgement over things that comes our way. This vacation of mine has been helping me a lot. And I think it makes me more feel blest with how things are going. A good job not just for me but for people whom I cared for. Isn't that great?! Working in a big company like ------, is a great chance and with that I am truly grateful. After all those trials, comes challenges and chances. I always do believe that, "what comes around goes around." Being nice and respectful of others is all we've got while we're all still hanging in balance.

Now, I'm back n my feet again.

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