Saturday, January 12, 2008

I was there at Bon Jovi's Lost Highway Japan Tour 2008


I'm still esctatic! I just couldn't believe I was there last night. We woke up early and prepared ourselves, and going to Nagoya was  2 hour drive away from our place. Me and my daughter went to the Office of the Immigration for our visa. The process was so brief and very easy as pie.

We both felt famished so we look for a place to eat...we saw it's kitchen. I ordered Donburi again 'coz I love it. Shredded cabbage was refillable, also rice and daikong (pickled raddish)...but I didn't touch the plate that savours my palate not because I didn't like it but I was so afraid to upset my stomach, hadn't even took anything for my stomach but hot lemon. The concert was set at 7pm, and it was only past 1 after our lunch. We decided to stroll a little to pass away time...we went to Nagoya Castle...enjoyed it. A real castle and it was splendid.

Exactly at 5pm the parking was ready...
Right beside the dome was a makeshift store where souvenirs were available. We got necklace, keychains, t-shirts, jacket (whoah, the price!), posters, and the glossy official program. It drizzled before the dome opened to accept viewers. But the people was unmindful of it.

Dome opened sa wakas and we were ushered to a wrong seat the gallery. But when we checked the number...wooohoooo!!! Dun kami sa nearest arena!!! Yey!!!
This was a chance once in a lifetime...and I am still filled with joy...naku po ang lola n'yo naloka talaga. Grabe dati pinapanood ko lang siya sa video. Grabeeeeeeee!!!

It was really a memory to treasure in my lifetime.

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