Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A much better year ahead!!!

I was tagged by my good friend Makoy. So hard to go over and over my archives what happened during 2007. I am not in my best mood to collate in details but this brief summary can do as much. And so here goes;

Last year, vividly there was a time when my youngest son wasn't home yet when his friend called me and told me that I had to come and see AJ. I went as fast I could, hadn't change my house dress even. Brought him to the nearest hospital. All along I thought it was because of his skateboard...hmmmm...when I overheard him laughing to his friend over the phone. Malokong bunso. They teased pala the dogs in other village...sigh...nauwi kami sa tawanan. At yang si bunso, last year eh maraming gigs. Bata pa pero he's really inclined sa music. A good guitarist in the future, idol niya si Jerry C, Satriani, Santana, and many more. Kaya pag humirit sa akin ng FX...hay naku...sumasakit na ulo ko...kasi imagine na one visitor had tried using his FX and mistakenly put in a higher wattage...instead of 9 he used it broke down. And he was really upset with what happened.

So far...walang pasaway sa children ko. They all grew up in accordance with how I wish them to be. Some parents take a carrot and stick approach to bringing up their children, but it doesn't work for me. I just talk to them...and they would listen. So everything is settled in a mature manner. Financial-wise, okey ako last year, same's hard to be in the hole.

Middle of the year, I had Mishah, then Enzo...they are a bunch of joy to the family because everybody loves them. And we have now Yuki...the white kitten...a foundling... :)

And in the rearmost part of the year, I do remember how some people did upset me so so much! But then again, I still believe in karma. What I wanted to learn now is how to forget everything...and just let it go. But still giving myself time 'coz the bad taste was still left here in my mouth. So they better make every shot count if they still want to earn my respect. But I doubt. They had made my world upside down...but look what happened...they were texting me that they still loved me...they wanted to make's kinda splitting a hair. Some people they are their own worst enemy.

It's nice and better when you see the light.

And figuratively...I want now to put a sock in my mouth! Si Makoy kasi lang!

But all in all, last year was a better year for me...and I hope this year will be much better...and it is...!!! Thanks heaven!!!

PS/ Anyone who wants this kind of are free to do so also...

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