Monday, January 21, 2008

What a day to start... :(

Tuhog tuhog Japanese style...

Just got out of bed...'coz stomach pain gave me an unsettled sleep. Think it was from the raw oysters I ate with my nightcap...(Smirnoff :D). Imagine eating raw seafood just before going to bed...that's too bad. But anyway, it goes out now, pero I'm lightheaded naman siguro dahil naman sa the pain kept me almost awake the whole night. And isa pa I am not a drinker. Just tried having nightcap here in Japan...for friendly reason lang. I am used to having a glass of thick milk before going to bed.
Afraid of that pain again, I just took a small sweet potato cake my friend bought for me and 2 tablets for pain with just a warm water.

And one thing more. I've learned from my niece Russel that their Tita Nita just passed away na this early morning...sigh...lalong sumakit ang ulo ko ata. :(

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