Saturday, January 19, 2008

My thoughts at 30,000 ft. high...

( the background, our plane when it touches down at Nagoya Chubu International Centrair)

I remember, when I was flying to Japan, exactly 1 month ago and 17 days. I loved the sights of clouds I saw through the plane's glass window. I wanted pa sana to see every movements of the clouds I was seeing when the steward announced to closed the window shutters. So we, who were seated by the window area abided by her announcement. So then, I closed my eyes na lang and contemplated on things about my life backgrounded by the drone of the plane's engines, while some slept, some whispered to their companion. Others watched the film on hanged DVD monitors and others were anxious and uneasy as firstie I guess like the one seated right next to me. I forgot the title of the film but I did seldom glance on the screen.

When I left, it was the time when I got so devastatingly sad with how some people close to us tried ruining our life. They just did. Maybe the trip's a blessing from heaven that I have learned to accept things now. That no matter how I'd like them to be happy, they would just ignore everything and would just do their wish. Some people who feel miserable really love to have a company, as an old adage says. But no matter how one tries, really God has something instore for us. I managed to pull myself together in one piece and took a better understanding why these things have to happen. I am not trying to sound holy or to get an impression that I am holy which I am not. But the Bible says, "I set a pattern for you, that, just as I did to you, you should do also." (John 13:1-17), and with that we are asked to be humble. Jesus did not become provoked. (Luke 22:24-27) Even "when He was reviled, Jesus did not go reviling in return, when He was suffering, He did not go threatening, but kept on committing himself to the one who judges righteously."

Hay ano ba yan...parang hindi ako. Kinda far different from the real me. I felt in need of reality check. Well to close this on a lighter note, we just can't please everybody. Still I feel blest...really I can finally managed to get my act together and is now doing great turning over a new leaf! :D


  1. well.. thats life! u cant please everybody, no matter how much you give.. people will try to seek that is not there. hehehe.. weird no? accept nalang. get contented of what you have which is sometimes hard to achieve. hehehehe...
    as the movie of the Interview of the Vampire say.. I want some More..
    lol. happy weekend!

  2. that's quite sad, of all people ika nga. Reality yan eh, but i'm glad that you were able to pull it off and just enjoying your stay in Japan. that's a big breather...o baka naman yan eh kainggitan pa nila, oh well.


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