Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hard-working Japanese

As Japanese economy has grown stronger ever since, the japanese people have come to be known the world over as hard workers, grabe pag nagtrabaho sila, talagang tungo ang ulo at may concentration. But however this perception has got a negative elements, including the view that they aresimply "economic animals" na laging profits ang nasa isip above all else. But that was only distorted by misunderstanding about many aspects of the life in Japan. To trace the zeal of Japanese work ethic, it's a strong Buddhist tradition that gives meaning to spiritual discipline and selfless devotion to one's work. Instead of working in exchange for money. Kaya pag di nila nakakayanan ang mabigat na suliranin regarding theit task, ang iba naghaharakiri. Lalo na sa mga government officials. One Western observer characterized them as "workaholics who live in rabbit hutches"...dahil they put work before pleasure. For most Japanese, work has been what gives life meaning.

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