Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tags: Blogthings

1. I love to eat: Pringles, Pancit Malabon, Pancit Bihon, Dried fruits, Tropical Hut burgers and chili fried chicken from either Jolibee or KFC
2. I hate to eat: Oily foods, too much sweet, health-wise! :D
3. I love to go: Around the world!!!
4. I hate to go: To the place I hate...!!! :(
5. I love it when: I see my children and our pets via webcam, I go shopping and whenever nasa Zirkoh Timog kame for fun!
6. I hate it when: someone is fooling me and taking advantage of my generosity!
7. I love to see: Many countries, blooms...Sakura and Tulips, BON JOVI again, and MJ!!!
8. I hate to see: Trouble, snake in the grass type of a person...
9. I love to hear: Music...and chirping of birds, waves, and I LOVE YOU'S...coming from people I love...
10. I hate to hear: Lies to pull legs or trying to pull wool over one's eye...broken promises...and false regard and admiration...

OK na ba yan Vera dear?!!!

Those who wish to do this tag, you can do so ... :D

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  1. okie na okie ate koh...

    naks, bilsi nagawa ang tag ah.. salamat po! very straight forward ah...hhihih

    miss u here! muah..

    have a nice day!


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