Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Missing our pets...

Mishah staying beside me when I'm asleep (top photo)... Mishah sleeping on my chest during trips...

In sulky mood....hasn't eaten anything yet...still don't have appetite, though my stomach says am hungry. Will take coffee later, I guess...I greeted Acey because today is his birthday, wanted to be the first to greet him on his special day. Then I requested to see my Mishah and Lorenzo via webcam. Seeing them frisky roughhousing and romping around the sala is fun...and brings joy to my heart. It's so sad that the feral kitten is not in the house anymore. My son felt so worried when he saw something one morning. He let the foundling out of the gate that same day. It was too late when I told him what to do. Sadly we bought something here for that kitten. We are planning to buy an American Shorthair like Puyo-chan here. But my daughter would rather take a big dog like doberman, but I insisted to get a husky instead or maybe a golden retriever...(definitely not the black one), ang doberman kasi mukhang masyadong nakakatakot.

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