Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Late breakfast...always!

Argh! I am having this abdominal pain...which come and go and it hurts. I think it's some kind of a colic. Think, am overeating mikan (oranges), and apples that's giving too much gas inside my stomach. I can't think of any reason why am having this upset somach this early...and hehehe...still got no breakfast still. Baka naman I need to eat na. Will look for something easy to cook in the kitchen, except those ready to eat noodles...nakakasawa na kasi. I think sunny side up, salami and a toast with butter na naman will do...and a cup of coffee kahit medyo bawal sa akin. Kasama na jan ang that's my brunch today. :D
Ok sige will change na lang to a hot tea, to avoid sugar. And whoah, I saw a blueberry sauce, why not?!
Most of the time kasi dne-delay ko ang pagkain ko para makapagdiet ako which is not a good idea...kaya eto, am suffering...hirap kasi magdiet eh...lalo na't may thyroid problem ako. But I need to lose some more weight...for my back will hurt. :(

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