Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ice cream in wintertime...

I'm done cooking chicken and pork adobo...the problem sauce here's very pale compared sa Pinas na pag sinabing toyo, it's darker than fish sauce. I only used their (white) soy sauce...kaya parang 'di siya adobo. Buti na lang I've brought adobo mix. It's amoy adobo na talaga, minus the dark toyo. I'm craving for Pinoy food...pero pag nasa harap ko na I started losing my appetite na...wonder why.
When I was at super excited sa snow, Masanori gave a box. Inside the small box was 10 small ice cream covered with mochi (glutinous rice)in different flavors. There was green tea, strawberry, vanilla and many more. I liked it, dahil kakaiba kaya I make sure na meron kami lagi sa refrigerator. Parang ice cream at palitaw na pinaghalo. Also churos...and they come bigger here...nasa 12 inches yata. Naku napakahirap magdiet dito. I cannot afford to have some more excess baggage.


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