Saturday, January 19, 2008

Why don't we try tea instead?

I cooked my favorite pininyahang manok, with pineapple of course. I did add canned green peas, cream and potatoes minus the raisins...sigh...paborito ko pa namaan ito. I wonder bakit ang canned green peas natin hindi talaga green, kungdi more of malabsak (soft)?! Ah, that gave me an idea na maguwi ako ng mga 10 cans back to the Philippines, hehehe. Why not?! :D

So, I will have it for lunch...later. I just had coffee and cake with fresh strawberries on top with leche flan medyo matabang 'di gaya ng gawa natin na talagang sweet. Ok lang din healthwise. i do away with sweets kahit na alam kong sweet tooth ako. I know I'm not getting any younger so mas dapat maingat ako sa food intake. Mahirap ang magkasaakit...of all eh diabetes.

And according to what I just read...drinking hot tea is good in our body. Says, if you want to live longer, better drink hot tea after each meal...and so I do now! And it's true, dahil I saw many olds here, say like 70 pataas. At nakakalakad pa sila ha, doing most which our older people there cannot possibly do. With the help of the silver chair minsan, nagggrocery pa sila. O di ba?! Hehehe, I bought my own silver chair, dahil minsan di ko matagalan ang too much walking because of my scoliosis and stenosis. I will bring it with me when I go back home in the Philippines. :D

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  1. i wanna see the pininyahang manok. hehehe.. hubbys favorite is anything with pinya. hay.. i never really like tea, i tried nung sikat pa ang SARS, but coudnt get it into my throat. hehehe.. green tea kaya yun. lol. milk tea is ok. =)


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