Friday, January 25, 2008

Had corn soup (half serving only) and my favorite RITZ biscuits and hot coffee for my breakfast. Today will be another girls day out...with my 4 gakuzei(student), for English...dah...hindi naman ako inglisera sa personal. :D Anyways, di naman ganun katindi ang lesson, simple construction lang ng Ego. We'll eat lunch first at Sakura kan siguro, then the lesson will follow. Madali lang naman, chika chika lang cum lesson na. As easy as pie. Got runny nose and, it's really cold now...and to top it all, can't wear my gumshoe due to my ingrown...sigh...I don't want to touch it because I had already 2 minor operations on this, both L&R (big) toenails. Kaya takot ako, na dapat lang naman to cut it from one end to end lang at di na dapat ginagalaw ang ingrown. But I am used to how Lanie handle my toenails. I missed Lanie.
And will bring my Wingvocal, the talking translator...'coz I am alone now. Meaning, I am the only one to go and nobody except me and those 4 Japanese women. Kaya I'll depend on my translator and my little nihongo. No problem.

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