Monday, January 28, 2008

Still lightheaded...on a monday Monday...

Sigh...thought this would go away this morning. A little queasy I woke up and eat breakfast just so i could swallow my Norvasc...and 2 tablets for my light headache. It's really discomforting me yesterday pa until now. Got no appetite but force to eat a loaf with my favorite raisins, that I felt like pushing it down so quickly...and had a good cup of coffee. It's quite sad to eat alone. There's so many food stocked in here but the craving is quite lessened. I had my left toe pa that's giving me so much hassles the past few days. A little reddish due to inflammation, but I already put some first aid treatment na. Makki thought of seeking medical treatment but I just couldn't imagine the needle that would prick me, and positively I knew already how to cure such dilemma...having under this circumstances many times in my life, kabisado ko na ang dapat gawin dito. Good thing at may dala akong antibiotic and I thank God, at hindi ako diabetic.

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