Monday, January 21, 2008

A late lunch...

Been busy bloghopping and chatting at home via YM. When I took noticed of the time...whoah...25 minutes past 3 o'clock already. I sluggishly went to the kitchen awhile ago to find grub to eat. There's a risotto prepared by Makki earlier but I still have no cravings yet. I just got one corn soup packet and dissolved it by putting hot water on it, and my favorite RITZ biscuits that went well with the soup. I just finished half of it and made a coffee instead. That's my lunch for the day. I just wanted a light meal, maybe because of my upset stomach earlier this morning. Ang hirap pag ganitong winter, katitimpla ko lang ng coffee malamig na agad siya. :(
Pero mas lalong mahirap magkasakit. I am not suicidal on dieting, but what worries me is when our Japanese friend(tomadatchi) brings home a lot of foods, di pwedeng di ako titikim. To show that I appreciate, pero in the end ako napapasama dahil really, I eat like a bird na talaga. Parang my guts have grown accustomed na to smaller intakes. And honestly I am not getting any younger na pati. :D I eat less and less nowadays, pero kahapon binakbakan ko ang 2 sweet corn na s#*=t ng sarap. :D
At ayoko na munang kumain ng oyster noh?! Pero in fairness dito na lang ulit ako kumain nito dahil I don't like na to buy oyster sa Pinas. I saw in TV that bivalves are now unsafe to eat dahil there's little _____ found in it. Ask Mike Enriquez. My friend Makoy would be blurting ewwwwwwww again, when he reads this!
Btw, I have read of Makoy's entry that Inihaw Express (featured in ABS-CBN program, XXX)yata yon na may ____, yaikkks, I told him to try Joel Torre's JT's Inasal at Greenhills. Naku we always make it a point to pass by if ever naabutan kami ng lunchtime sa road. I like the place and okey naman ang price kaso lang naman bakit po P25.00 pesos ang soup nila if I am not mistaken. Joel di ba dapat libre na ang soup...suggestion lang naman po ng frequent customer n'yo like me. :D And Joel Torre is a bonus sight huh...:D Ang gwapo pa rin niya. At malalim na aktor kahit may pagka-baluktot ang Tagalog n'ya, okey na yon basta magaling siya.

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